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Best Coffee in Los Angeles

June 11, 2014

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Coffee is a ritual for us.  From grinding fresh beans every morning and brewing a fresh cup in our french press, we have the art of coffee making and drinking down to a science. As much as we enjoy the comfort of sipping on coffee at home, the luxury and decadence of sipping coffee at the neighborhood coffee bar is unparalleled.

His: creamer, no sweetener // Hers: black, no sweetener

The best coffee in Los Angeles:

Handsome Coffee Roasters, Los Angeles

Copa Vida, Pasadena

Cafe de Leche, Highland Park

Broome Street General Store, Silverlake

Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, Venice & Pasadena

LAMILL, Silverlake

Proof Bakery, Atwater Village

Stumpton Coffee, Los Angeles

Cafecito Organico, Malibu

The Little Next Door, Los Angeles

Handsome Coffee

June 2, 2014

handsome coffee roasters

Handsome Coffee Roasters, dubbed one of the best coffee roasters and coffee bars in LA, will soon be acquired by another top notch coffee bar, Blue Bottle Coffee, in the coming months.  This likely means the end for Handsome Coffee Roasters, but there’s still time to enjoy a locally brewed cup of jo before the takeover is complete.